Dear Oktoberfest Friends

The Richmond Oktoberfest Board will introduce a new sign-up procedure for those of you who would like to help at the Oktoberfest. This system has been designed using the “Sign-up Genius Software”. This system will be available to you starting in the middle of August.

Dear Oktoberfest Friends, you may know that the Richmond Oktoberfest is the largest and most authentic Fest of its kind in Virginia. The two German Clubs of Richmond who annually host is event, the Deutscher Sportclub, and the Gesangverein Virginia are relatively small. Because of this we depend to a large extent on our many friends who appreciate the Richmond Oktoberfest to help us set up and decorate the hall in the days leading up to the Fest, as well as volunteering to work the many stands at the Fest itself.

The club members and their friends who help at the Richmond Oktoberfest are not paid employees. We put on the whole event using only volunteers.

Then you consider that it takes about 300 helpers each day to accomplish all the work and man the stands you can see that without the help of so many loyal Oktoberfest Friends, it would be impossible to manage this large and event.

This is why we appreciate our helpers, and we try our best to take care of them. We give all Volunteers who work the different stands a few perks as an expression of our gratitude for helping to make the Oktoberfest possible.

So, please be generous with your time and help us make 2023 the most successful Fest ever.

Hans E. Stienen
Helpers Administrator

Perks for Helpers

  1. Free admission
    Each volunteer receives free admission on each day that he or she works. If you work at all the shifts on either Friday or Saturday, you get free admission on the other day also.

  2. Free Oktoberfest Beer Stein
    Each volunteer receives a free Richmond Oktoberfest Beer Stein, imported from Germany. You will receive the stein at the Helpers Gate when you report to work. If you work on both days, you will only receive one beer stein.
  1. Free Food Tickets
    Each helper will be given $10.00 worth of food tickets per shift.

Sign up Steps
Starting this year, we will be using a new system which will make it easier for everyone who wants to help. To do this, we used the Sign-up Genius Software.

So, if you would like to help us, please go to the “sign up genius” and click on “sign up”. Since the Oktoberfest takes place on Friday the 20th of October, and Saturday the 21st of October you can choose between the two lists.

A list of all the stands and the time slots for which helpers are needed will appear. Just fill in the required information and submit. Those of you who would like to work on both days or plan to sign up for multiple shifts can do so.

You can also sign up to help us set up and decorate the hall, which we do on Wednesday and Thursday prior to the Fest, from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

We don’t expect you to work all day however you come when you have time. Helpers are also needed on Sunday Morning to take down the decoration and the stands. So, please be generous with your time and help us make 2023 the most successful Fest ever.

As we get closer to the Oktoberfest:

The administrator will pay attention to vacancies on the overall list. If there are vacancies that could threaten the operation of any stand, he may be forced to remove helpers from stands that are well staffed and move them to a stand that cannot operate unless additional helpers are assigned. The helpers that may be affected will be contacted before a change is made.

Completing the List

The recruiting of helpers should be completed one week prior to the Oktoberfest. During the week preceding the Fest the administrator will prepare the envelopes for the helpers.


Helpers Envelopes

All envelopes for helpers will be located at the gate designated as helpers gate. All helpers must enter through this door to get their envelope. The envelope will include the food tickets for the helper and an instruction sheet that explains where and when to report. Each helper will also receive their beer stein at the helper’s entrance desk.

Note: Many helpers work on both days and in some cases husband and wife work. This creates the possibility that not all authorized beer steins are wanted. In that case the helper can request $5.00 worth of food tickets instead of a beer stein.


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