About Us

(German American Sports Club)
The German American Sports Club was founded in 1960. It is primarily a social club although it is planning to restart its soccer program. Its purpose is to provide a bit of German Culture by providing German events and trying to maintain German traditions in the new world. All Germans and Americans are invited to attend our events, and if they like to join the club they are welcome to do so. With this web page we are making an effort to provide as much information about our club as possible.
We are a fun loving group, enjoying German culture and festivities year round. A large part but not all of our club members were born in Germany. Many other members join because they love Germany and Germans and all the good times that we have. For those of us with German ancestors, it is a way of getting in touch with our roots. The events are authentic, with colorful ceremonies, dancing, music, and costumes, in keeping with the old traditions. Try us; you will love our fun and our friendly people.
The Deutscher Sportsclub together with the Gesangverein works through the Oktoberfest of Richmond, Inc. to put on the annual Richmond Oktoberfest, which draws approximately 5000 party goers each October.
For more information please call or emailPresident: Hans Stienen, 804-451-4344, hans.stienen@comcast.net
Vice President: Viktoria Moersch-Drake, 804-720-2503, tierdok97@yahoo.com
Membership Secretary, Helga Pearson, 804-723-5970, jimnhelga@msn.com
Social Director: Anne Boraas, 804-730-1555, afboraas@gmail.com

Find out more about us and our history at History of the German American Club